The state of the media has become an experiment of trial and error, which has severely affected how the news is reported and news should be reported on. Gone are the days where hard hitting investigative reporting covered headlines and present are the times where corporate advertisers and consumer interest dictates what should be covered. 


Journalism is said to be a dying field. I don’t know who said it but I’ve heard it too many times. I think it’s dying only because it deserves too. Reporters have accustomed themselves to robotic methods of writing losing the value of creative writing. Broadcasts have become repetitive techniques of documentation that differentiate with the story.

Blogs are example of a “success” in this era of throwing ideas on the board to see what sticks. They can make money, aggregate news and events around the world, or simply be used as a forum to express one’s opinions. 

The reason for creating this blog, aside from a class assignment, is to hold the media, be it radio, newspaper, magazine, or broadcast under a scrutinizing magnifying glass and to get a better sense of what is happening with the media and why.