Glenn Beck: A New Breed of Idiocy

There are journalists and there are commentators just like there are athletes and there are commentators.

CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC are for the most part not outlets of journalism but News Commentary. Sure, this is probably well known but to what degree? 

This confusion of interpreting what Mr. O’Reilly may be spewing on Fox News one day or what Chris Matthews has to applaud President Obama on the other is getting out of control. 

Enter Glenn Beck

Still riding on the coattails of the previous administration’s fear wave, Glen Beck loves America. He loves America so much that he will cry for it. (Evident by the intense close up shots on his show) Glen Beck loves America so much that he has devised a brilliant plan to bring America back to the way it was on 9/12/2001. According to him that would be patriotic, strong spirited, and another synonym for patriotic. 

Really. He wants Americans to feel like they did on 9/12/2001. Sure there was patriotism but there was also the feeling of invulnerability, fear, insecurity…the list goes on. But what makes Beck a sleezball is a clip shown by Stephen T. Colbert. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Colbert: The 10/31 Project“, posted with vodpod


Beck differs from other news and political pundits as his he hinges his whole ideology based of fear. Fear is what many speculate to be the cause of the Iraq and Afghan wars. It’s this instillment of fear that clouds any credible analysis of news or even thought. 

There are good analysts and there are people like Glenn Beck. 

But then again, he just loves his country.


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