100 Days Nonsense

The term, first 100 days, comes from FDR’s New Deal and how much he got done. Ever since, presidents are compared to FDR’s first hundred days like a failing schoolchild and his older sibling. But even that is too little time to judge. Look at President Bush, who had a fairly good 100 days in office (ultimately nothing really bad happened). But fast forward and what do you have, a terrible presidency that has led this country into two wars and an unbelievable debt.

Obama scored relatively well, even talking head Bill O’Reilly gave him a B on domestic policies. But regardless, the media, especially CNN, has hyped this event as if it is the Superbowl of his administration. 

At least there were no holograms this time.


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Flip Flop: Arlen Specter

Arlen Specter is a joke and so is the two-party American system.

It is clear that when Pennsylvania voted for Obama and that democrats were gaining a significant majority in representation, Specter, who is near re-election, is keeping his interests in mind, keeping his power. 

This whole matter of “representing” one’s views, values, or beliefs are just two-faced promises that are broken and fuel the fire of Washingtonian politics, that is, doing whatever is necessary to keep power and push agenda.  

If our politicians actually believed in what they fought for, even if they happened to be dead wrong, but actually believed in what they were saying, then you wouldn’t have senators like Specter switching from party but switching from belief and values. 

Parties in America are factions that hinder and hurt the process of democracy. It is when one power grows too strong that the other seeks vengeance and it is this that fuels the cycle of noncooperation. 

As President Obama said, we are not democrats, or republicans but the United States of America.

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Swine Flu

We are all going to die. That is, eventually. But it may seem sooner as to how the media is reporting on this swine flu outbreak.

Apparently this flu, that originated from Mexico, and has spread to a pandemic that has spread throughout the globe.

The video below is representative of what the news sounds like and how some may perceive it.

I guess it is just a slow news cycle.

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Yankees Press Conference

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Bo’ Part Deu

Google News ranked Obama’s dog and its meeting with the Press Corp. the most popular story of today.

This is either the human fascination for dogs or the humanization effect of a political figure such as President Obama.

But at the end of the day, what this clip comes down to is just a dog running past a line of cameras, journalists and photographers.

But hey if it sells…

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What has four legs, woofs, and has a coat of black and white hair? 

No it’s not ___________(insert poor taste of humor here) its Bo’, President Obama’s new dog. 

What can be paralleled to similar anticipation of cabinet nominee’s and foreign policy plans, the Obamas with the lobbying of Ted Kennedy chose a Portuguese water dog. 

Apparently, there were meetings taken place as to the selection of the dog

It is safe to say that foreign relations with Portugal have never been more solidified until now. 

It will be interesting to see what will be media’s next attempt to try and personalize President Obama. That is not to say it is a bad or good thing, regardless it will be interesting.

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Glenn Beck: A New Breed of Idiocy

There are journalists and there are commentators just like there are athletes and there are commentators.

CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC are for the most part not outlets of journalism but News Commentary. Sure, this is probably well known but to what degree? 

This confusion of interpreting what Mr. O’Reilly may be spewing on Fox News one day or what Chris Matthews has to applaud President Obama on the other is getting out of control. 

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